23 May 2011

Red Hair! Is it Hollywood's hottest trend?

Hollywood is seeing red…red hair, that is! Auburn, copper, ruby, ginger, cherry or even strawberry tinted locks are taking over Tinseltown, with celebrities like Blake Lively, Scarlett Johansson and Drew Barrymore embracing the trend. Well, you know how the saying goes: Blondes are noticed, but redheads are never forgotten!

By the way, g
orgeous titian locks may not necessarily be the result of unfairly awesome genetics. None of these celebs' hair is naturally red but it does really suit them like its their natural one! Besides red is not only for those who have that porcelain skin tone. It can work for women with darker skin tones as well. Take Rihanna!

So why don't you
follow their example and choose vibrant copper or ruby tones over the usual blondes? ;)


Tilda said...

Thank you for your comment on my blog, yours is awesome too :) Well, I guess I'm in trend then, I'm a natural redhead haha. xx ♥

Kathy Grace said...

oh your sooo lucky! my brother is a redhead i wish i had his hair :)