28 May 2011

Suzanne Roger's Closet - This is the definition of extravaganza!

There are closets and there is Suzanne's closet! Take one peek through these photos and you 'll see exactly what I mean....Suzanne Rogers is a Canadian fashion icon and philanthropist. As much as I want to hate her for owning a collection like this, I really can't because it turns out to be such a good person. In the last 2 years she has managed to raise over 1 million dollars for charities around the globe using her contacts within the fashion industry. Keep up the good work Mrs Rogers and if you get sick of any of those Birkins dont be afraid to send one my way ;)

To see more pics and the full story click here


Jolie Chanel said...

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read you soon! ;)

Kathy Grace said...

thank youuuuuu :)
i will!


Abi said...

omg to the room and closet and everything! nice post!
following you now.
please follow back.:)


Kathy Grace said...

this is my dream closet ;)

Kathy Grace said...

@Abi: i just checked out your blog and its really nice! im following you :)


Natali said...

OMG this can't be real :O

Kathy Grace said...

haha IT IS! i wish i had even half of her clothes :/