26 May 2012

Vive La France!

If t-shirts were around when Marie Antoinette was Queen these are obviously the kind of ones she would wear while eating cake ;) haha! 

Vive La France by Wildfox Couture.. these are the fanciest t-shirts on the planet! Photographed by Emir Eralp, Styled by Emily Faulstich, Kimberley Gordon and Meredith Leyerzaph, featuring models Jennifer Pugh, Naty Chanbanenko, Daria Zhemkova and make up by Carlene K, Wildfox Couture's new campaign is “ The Untold Story of Marie Antoinette”. 
Enjoy ;)






16 April 2012

Inspiration: White suit.

Resort 2012

Photo taken from Rachel Zoe's 2012 Collection.

27 November 2011

Karlie Kloss and a perfect take on oriental revival

The word breathtaking springs to mind, though for what exactly I’m not even sure. The oriental gardens teeming with a vast array of plant and animal life? The rich hues of makeup that turn Karlie Kloss' eyes and lips into exotic jewels, or perhaps the oriental-inspired hair that’s been immaculately twisted into circular shapes and embellished with lush flowers? Truth is that it is impossible to single out just one element of this shoot by Alexi Lubomirski: the ‘breathtaking’ label is what’s applied when all of those things and more come together into one beautiful picture, like an artwork that draws your eye from place to place as you grasp each detail in turn.

But while there’s much to admire for enjoyment’s sake, there’s also much to take away. The opulent styling in this Vogue Germany editorial is a perfect melding of 1920s fashion and oriental inspirations. It seems proof that the former era’s fascination with the latter culture is the bigger revival than the culture alone. If the early half of the 20th century was engaged in creating luxurious interpretations of all things exotic, then we’re now engaged in revisiting their interpretations. As fashion trends go, it’s a dream within a dream as hazy and alluring as the mists that weave their way through the Oriental gardens Karlie inhabits. 

Kloss Vs Moss

Alexi Lubomirski captures Karlie Kloss in Ralph Lauren for the December issue of Vogue Deutsch. This is Kloss’ eighth international Vogue cover. But, despite her current popularity, Kloss is a long way from equalling the Vogue cover archive of Kate Moss, who has more than 50 international Vogue cover appearances under her belt! See Kate Moss' international Vogue covers here :)

Kloss, whose coming-of-age was complete when she made her Victoria’s Secret catwalk debut last week, has previously appeared on the covers of Vogue Italia,Vogue Korea,Vogue Turkey,Vogue Portugal and Vogue China -as well as the cover of TeenVogue in the US. Although she has also graced countless editorials in the US and UK, she is yet to secure her cover debut in either country.

19 November 2011

Versace for H & M - my top 10 picks!

Versace for H & M Collection is finally here! We’ve been teased with lots of leaked campaign images for this collection, but now the long wait is over as the full Versace for H & M collection is finally revealed! It went on sale in 300 stores worldwide and online, but the website soon crashed due to the heavy demand. Here in Thessaloniki it was available only on the central H & M Store on Tsimiski Street. I was completely shocked on how people can go crazy about clothes just because they are being labelled 'Versace'!  Yesterday was the first day the Collection hit the stores here in Greece and I can describe it with only one word: P-A-N-I-C! OMG it was the first time I saw a thing like that: people were waiting in long lines for 5 or 6 hours and some were even throwing a few elbows for coveted pieces haha that was CRAZY!

Anyway, the prices range from 19.95 for a pair of earrings up to 249for Anna Dello Russo's studded leather dress. The other dresses range from 129 to 199. Expensive for H & M, but cheap for Versace, which is the whole point of these collabs, isn't it? There are even some homeware items, like pillows and throw blankets.

Here are some of my favourite items!

The perfect little black dress with cut-out details and detailing on the waist - very Versace!  (129)

A printed scarf. It will add a little spice to any outfit! (25,95€)

Yellow silk dress. I love the colour! (179€)

Black leather sandals. Chic and classy! (99€)

 Black silk dress (129)

This pair of red earrings is so cute and girlie I think it would be one of the first items to be sold out! (19,95)

 And the matching ring!  (19,95)

The black studded leather jacket! Not another leather jacket - this one really rocks ;) (199€)

Studded leather dress (249€)

Hot pink handbag. Also available in black, but I really love the bubble-gum pink colour of this one! (99€)

Check out the whole collection here :)

14 November 2011

Giambattista Valli

Nobody does a red quite like Giambattista Valli!

Giambattista Valli is an Italian fashion designer from Rome, Italy. This amazing red dress is from his very first haute couture collection which took place in Paris in July 2011. The show met profound critical acclaim from the fashion community, being hailed by journalists as a significant achievement. Check out the rest of the collection  here :)