28 May 2011

Photo Inspiration - Kalle Gustafsson

A short bio:

Born in Lund, Sweden, Kalle Gustafsson studied film in Sidney and photography in Paris. The majority of his work revolves around fashion-based advertising spreads. With full bodied color and warm heavy shadows, Kalle’s work feels like a reinvention of old photography. His photographs while modern, they evoke the past. The grain of each picture has a soft texture which brings back a wave of 70′s nostalgia.

You can check out all his work on his website. 

Enjoy! :)


Filipa Moreno said...

Amazing photos! loved this post!


Kathy Grace said...

thank youuu :)

The Fashion Writress said...

Gorgeous photos, i love the kick sand-photo on the beach the most! Perfect :)

I am following your blog, and also on fashiolista, would you like to follow my blog back?

Lots of hugs!

Kathy Grace said...



Queila said...
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Giada said...

This pictures are amazing!

Take a look on my blog!


Kathy Grace said...

thanks Giada :)
i will!


The Fashion Lot said...

These are really great! Love the one 2nd from bottom. Your blog is really cool, it's easy to read too. Thank you x

Kathy Grace said...

awww thank youuuuu :) ♥