06 June 2011

Oh mama, I just shot a man down!

In her new video for fifth "Loud" single "Man Down", Rihanna fires off a strong message. Set against the beauty of Jamaica, the Barbados-born singer tells the story of a sexually-abused woman.

Directed by Anthony Mandler, the clip aims at discouraging violance towards women by showing that if you physically assault somebody, you won’t get away with it.

The video begins with the singer shooting a man, who is shown dead in a pool of blood, before flashing back to the previous day, where she hung out with friends, went clubbing and on the way home was accosted in a dark alley by the same guy. It is implied that he sexually assaulted her. But it’s Rihanna who gets the final say, taking matters into her own hands and putting an end to her abuser’s life.

Rum pum pum pummmmm!

Enjoy ;)


Natali said...

axxxx.... to latrevw! ♥

Kathy Grace said...

egw na deis.....

Princessvx/Vicky said...

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Kathy Grace said...

omg this is my first award!!!!!! :D
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