27 November 2011

Karlie Kloss and a perfect take on oriental revival

The word breathtaking springs to mind, though for what exactly I’m not even sure. The oriental gardens teeming with a vast array of plant and animal life? The rich hues of makeup that turn Karlie Kloss' eyes and lips into exotic jewels, or perhaps the oriental-inspired hair that’s been immaculately twisted into circular shapes and embellished with lush flowers? Truth is that it is impossible to single out just one element of this shoot by Alexi Lubomirski: the ‘breathtaking’ label is what’s applied when all of those things and more come together into one beautiful picture, like an artwork that draws your eye from place to place as you grasp each detail in turn.

But while there’s much to admire for enjoyment’s sake, there’s also much to take away. The opulent styling in this Vogue Germany editorial is a perfect melding of 1920s fashion and oriental inspirations. It seems proof that the former era’s fascination with the latter culture is the bigger revival than the culture alone. If the early half of the 20th century was engaged in creating luxurious interpretations of all things exotic, then we’re now engaged in revisiting their interpretations. As fashion trends go, it’s a dream within a dream as hazy and alluring as the mists that weave their way through the Oriental gardens Karlie inhabits. 

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